How to be good parents for a teenager

Amazing things sometimes happen to parents. It seems that they are all interested in success, they wish good good for their children. And even a lot to do this. And then they seem to be scared: is it too good?

The 14-year-old Dasha brought her mother, said in a

whisper: “She is a little inhibited by me. »A large clumsy Dasha shifted from foot to foot and stubbornly looked at the floor. It was not possible to talk to her for a long time: she was mumbling, then completely fell silent. Already I doubted: will it turn out anything? But – sketches, rehearsals, and a year later Dasha could not be recognized: a stately beauty with a thick scythe, with a deep chest voice, came out onto the stage. Began to receive good marks at school, which has not happened before. And then her mother took her with a scandal and with tears, sent her with a school with increased difficulty in learning. The whole nervous breakdown in the child ended.

We mainly work with adults, adolescents are an exception. But even at this condition, not one such story happened in my eyes. Bowing boys and girls who began to sing, dance, recite and compose something of their own, which parents quickly led away from the studio … I puzzle over the reasons. Maybe the changes occur too fast, and the parents are not ready. The child becomes different, may not “follow in the footsteps”, but choose his path. The parent anticipates that he is about to lose his main role in his life, and tries, as long as he can keep the child in the UES.

Nikolai had a voice at the age of 16, the young man gathered at the opera faculty. But the father said “no”: you won’t become a man there. Nikolai graduated from a technical university. He teaches at school. Studios often recall how the elders told them something like: “Look in the mirror where you are in the artists?”I noticed that parents are divided into two categories: some, coming to our shows, say:” You are the best of all, “others -” You are the worst of all “.

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