“Army Plus”: (NOT) Visible fighters of the body -positive front

What to call a person whose BMI is the body mass index – much higher than the norm? “Thick”? “Full”? “Large”? You can choose words for a long time, but it is better to ask the person about it himself. Because the words are important. Because they express the attitude of society. Because the wording can hurt – and wounds every day of numerous ordinary “plus army” every day. About this – the documentary of the same name, the premiere of which in Russia took place as part of the Beat Film Festival 2020.

The body positive is one of those phenomena in relation to which the majority occupies a radical position: some support in every possible way, others understand the fundamentally incorrectly and therefore condemn. Explain what exactly the supporters of the movement are for, as well as to understand the motivation of those who judge them, the occupation is meaningless. A direct speech works much better here.

It is from it that for the most part, the Scandinavian documentary film “Army Plus” consists. His heroines are tired of feeling the constant pressure of society. Tired of self -hatred. From life in an unloved body. And none of them chose to be Plus Size (and even if so-does this should concern someone else?).

The Danish woman Helena has long postponed her life – the search for a partner, the purchase of new clothes, pleasant classes – for later.

A story familiar to many, although most of us did not inspire that something was wrong with us that we are unworthy of love. Once Helene almost accidentally discovered the world of body positive for herself and realized that he should no longer concentrate on her shortcomings and apologize for how it looks like.

She is already good enough to accept herself and be happy. The girl became Plus Size model. And each of its shooting, photography, professional or selfie for a blog, is a small manifesto, shifting, albeit a millimeter, our inelending world to the pole of acceptance.

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