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We are a leading diversified company and fast goring leading manufacturers of construction chemicals and waterproofing material in in the Pakistan construction and chemical industry. We are based in Lahore Pakistan, we have come into special attention for the prestigious projects we have accomplished, and best solution has provided us opportunity to work with Defense, Government sector, Infrastructure projects as well as reputed builders, architects and many more. Our constant endeavor and an ambition to serve only the best to all our associates has been a stepping stone in our growth. We believe not just to offer effective application based product solution to our customers but to deliver a commitment for the trust they have invested in us.

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BuildChem, we thrust to work towards achieving higest customer satisfaction by serving each and every customer with passion and pride.

It has been an unmatched leader in introducing the concept of sealants to the construction chemicals and waterproofing industry in Pakistan. Our core values, vision and mission have facilitated our growth and improved work efficiency by developing innovative customized solutions for all pre & post construction chemicals under a single roof. Our R & D department serves as a backbone for providing us with quality products that ensures unparalleled and long lasting relation with our customers.

Our products are applied, your building’s strength and durability increase deferent range of products includes: Water proofing Materials, BuildChem Solar Chips, Admixtures & Surface Treatments, Grouts and Anchors, Industrial Floorings, Concrete Repairs, Protective Coatings, Joint Sealants, Adhesives, Asphalt emulsion, Prime Coat, Tack Coat Crack filler etc.

It would be my pleasure to partner with you and do the best in our business synergistically

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